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Session A : « Beyond Silicon » Nanoelectronics



Pr. James Yardley        bio and abstract

Director Center for Integrated Science and Engineering (CISE) , Managing Director, Columbia University Nanocenter (NSEC), New York


Dr Jean-Philippe Bourgoin        bio and abstract

Head of Molecular Electronics Laboratory at CEA-Saclay, CNRS, Gif Sur Yvette


French Participants

Frank Balestro       bio and abstract

Molecular Spintronics

CNRS, Grenoble

DB picture

Dario Bassani        bio and abstract

From self-assembled photoactive architectures to molecular electronics

CNRS, Bordeaux

Xavier Blase        bio and abstract

Theory of electronic properties of nanowires and nanotubes

CNRS, Grenoble


Vincent Bouchiat        bio and abstract

Towards single molecular magnet detection using carbon-based superconducting quantum interference devices

CNRS, Grenoble


Frederique Cherioux        bio and abstract

Self assembly of organic molecules on semi-conductor surfaces at room temperature

CNRS, Besançon

Erik Dujardin        bio and abstract

Electrical Characterization of Graphene sheets and ribbons: Charge injection and transport studies

CNRS, Toulouse


Ariana Filoramo        bio and abstract

Carbone nanotubes devices by self-assembly

CEA Saclay, Gif Sur Yvette

Benjamin Grévin        bio and abstract

Advanced SPM investigations of model molecular systems for hybrid nanoelectronics

CNRS-CEA, Grenoble


Thierry Melin        bio and abstract

Electrostatic properties of carbon nanotubes and carbon nanotube devices using scanning force techniques

CNRS, Lille


David Peyrade        bio and abstract

Colloidal nanodevices

CNRS-CEA, Grenoble


US Participants


Mark Bockrath        bio and abstract

Carbon Nanoelectronics

California Institute of Technology


Zhihong Chen        bio and abstract

Carbon nano-electronics

IBM Research Division, Yorktown, NY


 David Cobden        bio and abstract

 Title to be announced



Pablo Jarillo-Herero        bio and abstract

Electronic transport in locally gated graphene nanostructures

MIT Department of Physics, Cambridge, MA


Ji Ung Lee        bio and abstract

Excitronics: excitonic circuits for post-cmos electronics

College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, University at Albany


Philip Kim        bio and abstract

Toward carbon-based electronics

Columbia University, New York


Doug Natelson        bio and abstract

Nanometer scale devices as tools for examining physics and physical chemistry

Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rice University, Houston TX


JiwoongParkJiwoong Park        bio and abstract

Imaging and electrical characterization of carbon nanotubes with multi-resolution microscopy

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Cornell University, Ithaca NY


Hongkun Park        bio and abstract

Nanostructure-Based Optoelectronics, Plasmonics, and Bio-Electronic Interfacing

Harvard University Cambridge, MA


Latha Venkataraman        bio and abstract

Conductance of single molecules circuits

Columbia University, New York